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Hespeler Geological Consulting, LLC

Adam W. Hespeler, PG (CA License #10001)

Consulting Engineering Geologist

Geological and Geotechnical Consulting Services

  • Geological / geotechnical background studies and site evaluations of developed sites for residential and commercial real estate transactions.

  • Geological / geotechnical feasibility studies for residential and commercial land development.

  • Potential geological hazards assessment for developed and undeveloped sites.

  • Distressed structures evaluation.

  • Custom foundation constructability and conceptual design.

  • Foundation repair constructability and conceptual design.

  • Floor-level surveys.

  • Third party geotechnical investigation proposal review.

  • Third party geotechnical investigation report review.

Professional Summary and Statement of Qualifications:

Mr. Hespeler is a CA Registered Professional Geologist with more than 18 years of geotechnical engineering and geological professional experience in the Southern California region.  An expert local stratigrapher and sedimentologist with a keen eye for geomorphological features, and with a strong understand of geotechnical engineering and soils mechanics. 


Past professional project experience includes:

  • Custom residential developments.

  • Commercial developments.

  • Custom pool and deck developments.

  • Custom residential and commercial repairs.

  • School developments.

  • Infrastructure (underground utility alignments, roads, parks, bridges, and transmission towers)

  • Forensic investigations for litigation.

  • Coastal erosion studies.

  • Landslide investigation and analysis.

  • Fault hazard studies.

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